Demonmasks #007 – Agaliarept


Agaliarept is a Great General of Hell and one of the demons to directly serve under Lucifer. Agaliarept rules over anger, wrath, revenge, and material wealth. He is a harbinger of distrust and hostility.

His true appearance is unknown but it is said that his true form is vastly terrifying to the point where it could cause even other demons to freeze in their tracks and be paralyzed with disgust and fear. He is also, among one of the most mysterious demons in Hell, being that he barely to never utters a word. Not even a grunt when he is attacked and riddled with pain. It also makes it difficult for his opponents to discern what he is thinking, which gives him the advantage in battle.

DemonMasks are a collection of 100 unique algorithmically created masks of light. The creators have infused each collectible with a set of explicit traits with varying degrees of rarity. Each is special and represents an antihero in mythology. Which means: All DemonMasks are rare, but some are rarer than others.

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